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There are times, while I am sitting on benches in the Promenade, deep in thought. I can’t stop asking myself; “What is my purpose in this School?” Questions continuously revolve around my mind, like a thirst waiting to be quenched. Am I only just like one of those “common students” going to and from every minute, laughing, thinking, playing, to get and finish a degree? Am I only just like the others, paying their tuition fees every semester in the cashier’s office getting and realizing nothing after all? Or, am I someone who can contribute “little bits”, piece by piece from which everyone can benefit?

It is quite hard time for me to think of the answer for every question in my head. I am burdened by the thought that many students refuse to speak, and act, and even if they do, they balk at the slightest challenge against their stand. And realizing it, I said to myself that as a concern fellow, I can lend a help to make changes even in hushed way where everyone can hear the cry of my little voice.

It is my pen, and every moment I find its ballpoint rolling on every empty space of a paper as I write my draft, is as hard as lifting an object exponentially greater than my weight. It is a fact that one cannot tell what is his/her minds unless he/she chooses to prove its significance by exposing it and let others see. And I think that was my intention here. It is not saying things just to encourage others to follow what I am thinking, but to inform. And the rest is letting them interpret my thoughts on their own, then act the way they should.

And yes, I am certainly aware of the constant appraisals and criticisms that I, as a writer, will encounter every time my pen slides on the smooth surface of my outline- but that is normal. It is normal in the sense that pleasing everyone is not easy to achieve, because even a maximum of one’s effort may not be enough for it. And that’s the toughest part on my reality.

I may face burden but I am aware that I can manage all things. I know that I, together with my pen, am not alone in pursuing my objectives. I know that there is still a place where free and active minds are generated and nurtured till they find their own dexterity.
And as a student fond of knowledge and learning. I always do have a protective shield for facing trials in everyday’s challenging path. That is my purpose why I am here. That is me as a part of this school. It is my pen which symbolizes my aim as a voice constantly trying to elicit responses from the students trapped under a rule of silence. I must sat that a mark on the paper is enough when this calls for everyone to be more of what they are now.

And from now on, I am a pen. That is my worth…………

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saulkrisna on May 28, 2009 at 7:15 AM said...

base muna!!! hahaha wow may blog ang jowa estegf ko... love you so much honet koh... mwaaah

saul krisna on May 28, 2009 at 7:36 PM said...

may mga dumalaw na pala sa iyo... hehehe love you honey


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