Friday, May 29, 2009

♥ I'm yours...would you be mine? ♥

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I’m yours

At first I ignore and tried to deny
Every time we talk, I tried to lie
I change direction each time you’re near
I don’t know what to do whenever you’re near

Every time you stare into my eyes,
I’m afraid for maybe everything are all lies
Because for you I don’t want to fall
That’s why I ignore you each time you call.

But now it’s over, I came to realize
Is it too late? Please hear my apologize
I don’t want to let go everything about you
And I take all risks just to be with you.

Now I’m yours, I want you to stay.
But do you still love me like you did yesterday?
And is it still me that your hears beats for?
Please don’t walk away ‘coz I want to love you more.

--> what a heck? why do i wrote this kind of poem?Hmmm.. Let me think..hahaha.. hindi ko din alam..inatake nanaman siguro ako ng kaimuhan ko..hehe xD..wala na rin ako magawa na ibang bago..hihihi:)) By tha way gusto ko lang po ipaalam sa inyo na super happy ako sa love life ko ngaun kahit parang medyo pang broken tong article na to..Sobrang saya ko with my boyfriend..Haaay ilang araw na lang monthsary na ulit namin,,Going stronger haha :x.Im so conteded with him..[sharing mode?]

Hon Qu

--> Advance happy monthsary po..thank you po sa love, care, understanding sa lahat po.Lalo lalo na pinakilala mo sa akin si God. Sobrang thankful ako sa kanya dahil ikaw yung binigay niya sa akin na boyfriend. I want to grow old with you. i Love you so much. I miss you alot. xOxO :*

I want you to know that "IM YOURS"

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