Sunday, November 14, 2010

PA LIKE NAMAN! :) need help :))

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One SMILE :)

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Smile is a curved, they say

That sets everything straight;

It can take all the worries away

And bring love instead of hate.

Just a smile can make a day

And sinners kneel and pray;

Gone are the frowns without a trace

As if thrown away like waste.

A smile can make you younger

While wrinkles make you older;

Laugh your heart out is better

And never let problems be a bother.

A smile can help gain more friends

Who will stand by you till the end?

It can help you find your one great love

Sent by our Father from up above.

A smile assures everything’s alright

And erases our fears and doubts;

It can make people feel glad

And forget things that made them sad.

A smile brings people closer

And break walls and barriers;

It can erase all our hatred

And let our care rekindle.

Just a smile… and what it can make

A hate-free world’s what it can create;

No more pain and misery to feel

Only love, peace and hope… for real.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

HE's the MAN

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I came to the point of being hopeless
No one to ask for help
I run, I scream and even cry
I cried but no tears fell from my eyes.

I want to die to stop the burden
Go back to the womb of my mother
To be safe and feel the unconditional love
Because this world hurts me a lot.

I have enough reason to rest in peace
Until I feel the tight embrace
He whispers, "Don't quit my dear, I am here to help..."
That simple line gives me enough strength.

Because He was undeniably powerful
helps me even when I am sinful
Saves me from being miserable
Opens my eyes to a new bright dimension.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


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Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.

- Dion Bouicalt

Tick..tock…tick..tock…tick. tock…

“Why are you in a hurry, Mr. Rabbit?” asked Alice

“I’m late! I’m late!” answered the rabbit.

Talk about time?

PROCRASTINATION. It is defined as a behavior of which is characterized by the postponement of an action to later time. In simpler terms, putting off something to the last minute and then cramming for everything when the time comes.

As a habit of students, it maybe shown through countless ways in school. How many of you have tried to take a shower, dress up, eat breakfast and review for your exams in 30 minutes only? How many of you have experience going to class, passing projects or making reports in a hurry because you’re running out of time?

The point is, almost everyone has their experiences in the sense of cramming as a result of procrastination. This is because the miscalculated schedule, the case of “ I FORGOT SYNDROME”, an overestimated superhuman inkling, for instance, presuming that you can finish your works, projects, book reports, library works because you thought that you can have plenty of time or perhaps, another demonstration of one of the many deadly sins, commonly committed- being a sloth.

As a individual develops, it is more likely that unless it is being corrected, this habit might affect the approach of one’s works, studies, as well as love, marriage, and commitment.

So before it’s too late, we must stop are so called “PROCRASTINATION”. Sometimes we forgot that is running but we must remember that “time is gold” because there are only 24 days, 60 minutes an hour, and 60 seconds a minute. And whether we like it or not, the pendulum will swing from left to right, back and forth and over and over again, then, if we will realize, we can do a lot of things. Life is short but it’s long enough if we will only learn how to live with it.

Instead of waiting for the moment to fall upon us by the chance, let’s think and strive for our opportunities. Let’s not be “PROCRATINATORS” that we have been (though we realize it).

Hurry up before we run out of time!



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