Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I made it! :))

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Tuesday, March 22,2010. We went to Cravings Restaurant to pass our resume for our industry immersion(ojt) but sad to say that we also needed our recommendation letter but our school will only give it to us if we were already enroll in our I.M since were not yet enrolled that day because our first day of enrollment is today. We decided to go to Robinson's Place Metro East and pass our resume to
Chef d' Angelo. After passing it the store Manager Mr. Elmer says that we were having our one-on-one interview after a few minutes.( OMG! were not ready.. were so nervous and I'm the one whose first on the list. I didn't stop praying,hoping that i can answer all his questions and i can pass the interview.)

Now, I am on the hot seat. I'm really nervous.I don't now how will I great him and don't have the chance to shake his hand and to say Good Morning because he started as soon as i get in front of him asking me why I chose Chef d' Angelo. I can't believe it I am answering his question in English and in right grammar. (wahaha.. i can't imagine that i have answered that question and the manager says that my answer was a good and very well said..:D ). The interview 101 went on and on asking me many questions, asking my schedule, activities and many more. He said that I have a god communication with him ( I really didn't take my eyes of him, and it is really hard for me whenever I have an eye to eye contact.)

After how many minutes of interview, I think it was about 45 mins. talking about those agendas. He asked me if I can wear their OJT uniform ( 3/4 white polo, 4inches above the knee skirt, black necktie, black stockings, black apron), I just said that I can even though I can't(hehe, its my first time to wear that kind of skirt). And he also ask me if I can bring my recommendation letter on Friday 2:00 in the afternoon with the uniform. Then i said yes. After that he didn't say that i already pass, just be ready on the uniform and recommendation letter whenever I pass I can start as early as I can.

While waiting for the last interview we were so nervous and hoping that we will pass .

The one-on-one interview was over then he call us again. He said that we all pass in the interview and we can start our OJT on friday.

Wahaha.. We made it. Our first interview and it was the company whose going to helop us to enhance our skills and knowledge.

After how many weeks of praying, it was granted. thank you papa Lord. :)). I told my self and I have pray for that the 1st five companies, I must pass one of them. PRAYER GRANTED :DD

Tomorrow is our first day. :)) I wish I can make it. :) Wish me Luck.

"Welcome to Chef D' Angelo"

btw. Hon thanks a lot sa book en bag I Lurve it.. mua.. I love you. Salamat din po sa support mo..mua

3 comments on "I made it! :))"

gege on March 25, 2010 at 5:30 AM said...


congrats! enjoy mu yan!

tapos nako jan eeee.

do your best! bka ma-absorb ka!


^ - ^

Renz on March 25, 2010 at 9:02 PM said...

congrats! galingan mo po kahit OJT lang yan! go go go kaya niyo po yan

saul krisna on April 1, 2010 at 4:29 AM said...

hehehe pasenxa na honey if now lang ako nag comment.... i know naman na kaya mo yan kasi talented ka and not to mention maganda pa.... i love you so much


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