Monday, April 6, 2009

♥ my fiRst Love Letter ♥

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♥ my fiRst Love Letter ♥

It’s April 05, 2009 when I received my very very first love letter (well it’s not a letter, it’s a card, hehe :p)….

I really love letters..super.. Specially when it is from your love ones. And I always keep them all. And I often read my letters before I sleep..

This letter is very special to me. It is from Saul Krisna, my boyfriend. When I was reading his letter I was really really touch[kilig to the bones]. This letter is his gift on our 4th monthsary.

Here is the Letter:


Happy 4th monthsary!!! It’s been 147 days since I first met you and 122 days since nagging “tayo”. I do hope naging masaya ka all this time with me as your boyfriend kasi if you would ask me now if naging Masaya ako with you, isisigaw ko pa sa iyo na “Oo”.

Actually this is my first letter to you kaya kinakabahan ako (pagpasensyahan mo na if pangit ang handwritten ko) baka di mo ito magustuhan. Anyway gusto ko lang mag thank you sa iyo sa lahat ng bagay na ginawa mo for me. Thank you sa pagiging girlfriend, kaibigan, kakulitan, kaasaran, teacher, lover at kwentuhan. Mahal na mahal talaga kita. Alam kong madaming bese na kitang sinaktan ang I’m really sorry for that. I just hope and pray that sana magtagal tayo co’z if someday at nawala ka HINDI ko talaga kakayanin yun and besides wala na akong makikitang tulad mo… unique ka kasi. I LOVE YOU so much hon,as always be safe kasi I don’t want anything bad to happen to you… napaka importante mo kasi para sa akin.. and “Im Grateful Forever for the day you came into my life”…

Im so happy when I read it.. na touch talaga ako sobra.. ♥ ♥ ♥

Honey Qu,

Thank you sa binigay mo na letter I really appreciate it.. I’ll promise you that I will keep it forever.. Sorry dahil lagi kita inaaway.. Sana magtagal po tayo.. Sobrang mahal na mahal po kita.. Always be safe.. You’re the best boyfriend ever… I love you sOo much..xoxo.. ♥ ♥ ♥


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