Monday, March 2, 2009

I Let Go...

Posted by ♥ mhiz-yhel ♥ at 4:17 AM

♀Moving On

My friend, it’s been a while since we’ve separated,
I still remember the last time that we talked,
It was the last time that we’ve been together.
But now we’ve apart from each other,
Maybe you thought I would be devastated.
No you’re wrong, absolutely wrong.
Cause I know in my heart, that life must go on
And I think life without you will still be the same,
It was just very simple even though you came.
But I’m proud to let you know,
That I can stay happy and be happy for you.
I want you to know
That I’m wiser and stronger now,
And somehow I endured pain
Whenever I see you alone
I no longer remember what you did to me,
I am not mad
The pain is no longer there
For I have forgiven you.
Because I’m much more contended
That I could proudly say that life has never ended
In fact I can do more things now in my own way,
Saying goodbye is no longer hard
As it used to be
And could say goodbye for now,
Cause I have to move on.

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