Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Broken Whole

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" A Broken Whole"

“Honor your mother and father”
. Can they also honor their children?

My fingers are bleeding. Blood continues to flow. I tried to pick up the broken pieces. I dared to let my fingers be hurt or damaged to assemble the broken pieces into whole.

It seems like a childish thing, for me it was not. I was hopeless. It’s not because I can’t do anything. It is because nobody appreciates it.

It’s been six or seven years since I have became a member of those children belonging to a broken family.

I missed how we sit completely on the dining table with lots of stories to tell. I’m longing for the way we go to mall together while I’m holding both of their hands. What a very good scene to see! I missed Christmas having Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. I miss how much we laugh together in front of the television and even miss both of them scolding me because of my silly acts.

I can no longer proudly volunteer myself to stand in front of the class to interpret and explain my family tree. Because, I don’t know how I can explain and accept the reality that this tree is no longer a reality.

God might be used to of always telling Him one thing I desired of the most of my prayers; to mend the broken part of my life. But I will never get tried of whispering this until he hears me and grant my wish.

I believe that GOD told us that whatever he bonded in love will not be destroyed by hook or by crook.

I wish so somehow they may feel how their children suffer in this kind of relationship, a broken family. If there would be the most precious stone in man’s life, it is the FAMILY.

Father & Mother ILOVEYOU! That’s what a family means. I couldn’t say ILOVEYOU.

This time, I really couldn’t say it but hopefully, tomorrow, I can. Whenever there are broken pieces, we need to fix them—OURSELVES.


hindi po ako member ng isang broken family..fiction lang po ito..
Enjoy reading.. :))

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Renz on June 1, 2010 at 7:28 PM said...

Akala ko totoo, but this kind of situation happens in reality right? Napakathankful ko kasi buo ang family ko even though nagstruggle kami sometimes


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